Bishop Christopher in the House of Lords

The role of Bishops in the House of Lords

Bishop Christopher entered the House of Lords in January 2012 as one of 24 Bishops and 2 Archbishops of the Church of England who sit in the Lords. They are known as the Lords Spiritual who, together with the Lords Temporal, make up the House of Lords, the Second Chamber of the UK Parliament, who shape draft laws and challenge the work of the Government. The Lords Spiritual provide an independent voice and spiritual insight into the work of the Upper House. Although, like other members of House, Bishops do not represent particular geographical areas, they do come to the House with a deep immersion in the regions of the country covered by their own Dioceses. So Bishop Christopher has a keen interest in issues that affect the lives of the people of Coventry and Warwickshire and, indeed, across the whole of the West Midlands.

Bishop Christopher is designated for about two weeks a year to lead prayers at the start of each day and to participate in the business of the House as the ‘Duty Bishop’. For the rest of the year, he seeks to attend the House when the business of the day relates to his areas of interest or, more generally, concerns matters of ethical or spiritual significance.

Bishop Christopher's particular role

Bishop Christopher focuses his activity in the Lords on three main areas: foreign affairs, education and beginning and end of life issues.

Bishop Christopher serves as the Church of England's lead spokesperson for foreign affairs in the House of Lords. This focus on foreign affairs is inspired by Coventry’s ministry of reconciliation and he is a member of the All-Party Parliamentary Groups on Conflict Issues, International Religious Freedom and Germany. His additional interest in education stems from his professional background as a secondary school teacher and his experience of Higher Education through his work in theological education, latterly as Principal of Ridley Hall, Cambridge. His involvement in beginning and end of life issues derives from fundamental Christian convictions about the infinite value of human life.

Questions and speeches

House of Lords 2021
The Bishop of Coventry's questions, speeches and other contributions in the Lords in 2021.
Open Bishop of Coventry in the House of Lords 2021

House of Lords 2020
Bishop Christopher is one of 24 Bishops and 2 Archbishops of the Church of England who sit in the Lords.
Open Bishop of Coventry in the House of Lords 2020

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