Church Buildings (DAC)

Welcome to the Church Buildings (DAC) part of the Diocesan website (DAC is short for Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches). On these pages you will be able to find advice on a whole range of topics that relate to caring for and developing your church building. Claire Strachan, Church Buildings Development and Project Officer says:

"On top of their most important role of being spiritual places for modern worship and mission, churches are nationally significant archaeologically and socially. To enable them to be used and appreciated for all these reasons requires much care, commitment and resources - the Church Buildings team recognise that this is no easy task. Our role is to help PCCs (and others responsible for churches) care for and develop their church building so that they may be enjoyed by generations to come."

If you would like to discuss any aspect of church or churchyard maintenance, care or development, please get in touch with Tim Latham (DAC Secretary, 024 7652 1327) or Mark Seabourne (Assistant DAC Secretary, 024 7652 1312) or write to us at DAC, Cathedral and Diocesan Offices, 1 Hill Top, Coventry CV1 5AB.

A and B lists - minor works

This page explains the permission process for items of routine repair and maintenance and other smaller works in church buildings and churchyards which may be undertaken without a Faculty.

Advertisements for tender

Information about advertising out for tender.

Net Zero and Church Buildings
Church buildings (and halls) make up 40% of the Church of England’s carbon emissions. As a diocese we need to consider how we can support our PCCs in making their church buildings more energy efficient.


The Church of England continues to be responsible for churchyards that are still open; however, the responsibility to maintain a churchyard is usually transferred to the local authority once it has been closed.

Faculties and DAC advice

A Faculty is a permission from the Diocesan Chancellor to undertake repairs, alterations or additions to churches, their contents and the churchyards and land that belong to them

Maintenance of Church Buildings

Maintenance is those small tasks that can be done easily and cheaply that slows the rate of decay, and delays (or even prevents) the need for larger, more costly repairs down the line.


Projects & Development

No one believes that church buildings are (or should be) dusty old museums that should be preserved without question. Churches are working buildings that need to be able to adapt as their use changes and diversifies.


Quinquennial Inspections

All churches are statutorily required to be inspected at five yearly intervals, which is known as the Quinquennial Inspection.


Statements of Significance and Need

Every church should have a Statement of Significance which the PCC should complete in the relevant section of their account with the Online Faculty System. 

Public notices

From time to time, the Diocese of Coventry has a legal obligation to display on its website certain public notices regarding the planned changes to some buildings.

Church Improvements Fund

The Diocesan Church Improvements Fund provides limited funding to PCCs wishing to improve the facilities of their church buildings. 

Register of cases

This document shows the cases that the DAC has considered for each church within the Diocese of Coventry.


Guidance Notes

The Church Buildings team have produced a number of guidance notes on a whole variety of subjects that may help you with your enquiry or application.

Meetings information

The agendas and minutes from the DAC meetings (which take place in eight times a year) are uploaded onto this page. 

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