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The Diocese holds a stock of books on topics related to the 8EQs and Natural Church Development. These may be ordered by contacting Clive Hicks, Healthy Churches Development Enabler. Please also contact him for help or advice in selecting books for purchase.

All By Itself

The Anglican edition of All By Itself Pathway, with a Preface by the Bishop of Coventry, invites you into a 90-minute encounter with Christian A. Schwarz, the founder and head of the Institute for Natural Church Development (NCD). He reduces the discoveries of two decades of research in tens of thousands of churches to a handful of personal action steps. While countless churches have implemented individual aspects of Natural Church Development, the majority have yet to discover the strategic key that Christian calls the All By Itself Pathway - consistently living in line with the unique gifts, energies, and resources that God has already granted you and your church.

This Anglican edition is particularly helpful, and easy read and would be ideal to make available to members of your congregation.

Coventry Diocese price £5.00

Colour Your World with Natural Church Development

With Natural Church Development, Christian Schwarz introduced a fascinating approach to church growth that really works and has been accepted all over the world and is the basis of Coventry Diocese's approach to the 8 Essential Qualities. In this book Schwarz shows how the biblically-based principles of Natural Church Development can also be a blessing for the spiritual development of the individual believer. Colour Your World with NCD is a powerful, graphically written book for people who seek to live out their faith with balance and passion and thereby impact their church health.

What is the church? The church is people. What determines the health of a church? The health of the heads, hands and hearts of those people. How can we enhance the health of a church? By enhancing the health in our heads, hands and hearts.

  • Let the Trinitarian Compass guide you to all that God has in store for you
  • Chart your personal growth path in light of the eight quality characteristics
  • Discover how Natural Church Development helps you and your church mature

Discover what Natural Church Development is all about: drawing people closer to the triune God and, as a natural side effect, seeing numerical growth within the church as a whole.

Coventry Diocese price £13.50

Other Book Stocks Held

  • The 3 Colours of Leadership - Quality Characteristic: Empowering Leadership - Coventry Diocese price £13.50
  • The 3 Colours of Ministry - Quality Characteristic: Gift-based Ministry - Coventry Diocese price £13.50
  • The 3 Colours of Your Spirituality - Quality Characteristic: Passionate Spirituality - Coventry Diocese price £13.50
  • The 3 Colours of Community - Quality Characteristic: Holistic Small Groups - Coventry Diocese price £13.50
  • The 3 Colours of Love - Quality Characteristic: Loving Relationships - Coventry Diocese price £13.50
  • Paradigm Shift in the Church - Coventry Diocese price £18.00
  • Natural Church Development Handbook - Coventry Diocese price £18.00

To order please contact Clive Hicks.

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