A and B lists - minor works

This page explains the permission process for items of routine repair and maintenance and other smaller works in church buildings and churchyards which may be undertaken without a Faculty.

Matters which do not require a Faculty are those described in Lists A and B and the Chancellor's Additional Matters Orders, subject to any conditions and exclusions. Matters in List A do not require any formal permission while matters in List B (and in the Additional Matters Orders) require the written permission of the Archdeacon (obtained via the Online Faculty System - see below). Please note that it is unlawful to undertake work in a church or churchyard without the necessary permissions having first been obtained. If work is urgent or an emergency please contact the DAC office for advice and assistance in obtaining emergency permission.

If you are in any doubt about whether some proposed works require a Faculty or fall under List A or B please get in touch with the DAC office by email or phone (02476 521327) for assistance and advice.

What is eligible?

The List of matters which do not require a Faculty comprises two lists, Lists A and B, plus the Additional Matters Orders:

List A – formal permission not required
This includes matters such as introducing and disposing of some items, and works of routine repair and maintenance in vestries and offices and to bells and clocks.
List B and the Additional Matters Orders – Archdeacon's written permission required
This includes works such as routine maintenance of the fabric, redecoration, boiler replacement and maintenance of heating, lighting and electrical systems, most works to trees, the installation of noticeboards and the installation of candle stands. The Archdeacon will normally require the advice of a suitably qualified member of the DAC before making her decision.

The Lists, in full, can be found to the right in the documents section of this page.

There are some exclusions for matters which, although otherwise falling under Lists A and B, nevertheless require a Faculty. These include:

  • Any works which involve alteration to or the extension of a listed building to such an extent as would be likely to affect its character as a building of special architectural or historic interest
  • Any works which are likely to affect the archaeological importance of a building or any archaeological remains within a building or its curtilage
  • Any matter which gives rise to a question of law or of doctrine, ritual or ceremonial or which would, if undertaken, affect the legal rights of any person
  • The sale or disposal of any article of architectural, archaeological, artistic or historic interest

Applying for Minor Works (List B) permission

Applications for Archdeacon's permission under List B (Minor Works permission) should be made through the Online Faculty System.

Each application will require:

  • A PCC or Standing Committee Minute authorising the work
  • Details of the proposals (an architect's specification may be necessary, depending on the work)
  • Photographs and/or location plans, if applicable
  • Quote/Estimate for the work
  • Any other details you feel may be necessary/helpful

You will be able to upload these documents to the Online Faculty System in making your application.

If you do not have access to the internet or are otherwise unable to use the Online Faculty System please contact the DAC office for assistance.

N.B. Any matter not specifically identified on the lists requires a Faculty in advance of the works being undertaken.

Maintenance Booker

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All MaintenanceBooker contractors have been carefully selected following a rigorous tendering process which has assessed their experience, levels of insurance, and Health and Safety standards.

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To use this tool, the PCC would need to register with the website and provide a summary of the work required. A request for that work will go to the pre-approved contractors who will then bid for the work. The parish can then choose who (if any) they wish to use. To find out more and to register online please visit the Maintenance Booker website.


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