Reporting sickness absence


Stipendiary clergy

All stipendiary office holders are required to report any sickness absence amounting to one day or longer.

This is because the Church Commissions - who are the 'employer' for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) purposes - are required to record this information.

Please notify Simon Taylor, PA to the Archdeacon Pastor, at:

For any illness that lasts more than one week, a medical certificate is required from your doctor.  This applies to all office holders, including those stipendiary office holders not subject to Common Tenure.

Simon will send a copy to the Church Commissioners and will also let Archdeacon Sue know.

Non-stipendiary clergy

The reporting of sickness for non-stipendiary clergy is not mandatory.  Nevertheless, Archdeacon Sue would be grateful if you could let her know.  Please contact Simon Taylor as above.

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