The Venerable Barry Dugmore
Archdeacon Missioner
07487 578311

The Reverend Tim Cockell
Acting Archdeacon Pastor
07365 200354

The Reverend Gail Phillip
Associate Archdeacon (Extended Placement)
0798 330 0675

Our Archdeacons work closely together to serve and support ministry across the diocese with each have distinct responsibilities which are detailed on their respective pages. The Archdeacons are supported in their work by an Associate Archdeacon and the Reverend Gail Phillip is currently on an extended placement in this role.

During the Vacancy-in-See
Bishop Christopher has moved to strengthen our Archidiaconal Team so that, working with the Diocesan Secretary, the Acting Diocesan Bishop will have a well-resourced engine room of support with which to work and minister.

Bishop Christopher Says:

"It became clear to me that we needed both to provide stability and reliability during the interim and to leave the future Bishop of Coventry with as much space as possible to make their own permanent appointments. So, rather than making permanent appointments of an Archdeacon Pastor and an Associate Archdeacon as planned, I have asked Tim Cockell to remain as Acting Archdeacon Pastor and for Gail Phillip to extend her placement as Associate Archdeacon to see the Diocese through the vacancy and to allow the new Bishop to settle in. I am really glad to say that they have both agreed. When the new Bishop has appointed a permanent Archdeacon, Tim will revert to being permanent Associate Archdeacon. Gail’s time commitment to her present role as Associate Archdeacon will gradually increase and so, with Barry’s and Tim’s full-time roles, we will have a much enhanced and increasingly experienced Team to work with Bishop Ruth and to support you in ministry."


How to contact our Archdeacons

Yvette McDonald
PA to the Archdeacons & the Diocesan Secretary
0753 422 5098

Simon Taylor
Assistant to the Archdeacons
07376 981284

Debbie Niblett
Mission and Discipleship Team Administrator
02476 521342

Archdeacon Pastor

The Revd Tim Cockell is the Acting Archdeacon Pastor.


Archdeacon Missioner

The Venerable Barry Dugmore is Archdeacon Missioner.

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Archdeacons' Visitations

Archdeacons' Visitations

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