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Childhood Spirituality

Thursday 7th October, 7.30-9pm at All Saints (Bedworth)

Join us as we explore what spirituality looks like in children and young people. And, how that does and could look in your church, in your home or in your school as we navigate how we can journey alongside the young people in our care.

This session will be led by Peter Privett and Anna Naish.

Keep an eye on on the Equip Hub and the e-bulletin for information and booking.

What is Growing Faith?

The Growing Faith Adventure is a journey to help all of us to include and value children, young people and households in every aspect of church as second nature. We encourage people to view children as people who can know God, talk to God and grow in faith. And, so we want to support them in all the areas of their lives as we journey it together.

We know that the idea children being able to have a relationship with God is nothing new. Many Christians became Christians as children and young people, but we want to encourage ourselves and churches to think through whether we reflect that in our church culture (not just our children's and youth ministries).

We also know that just as we talk about whole life worship or everyday faith for adults, connecting school, church and home is essentially the same, just focussed on a particular age. But what this means is that Everyday Faith and Growing Faith go hand in hand and many of the ideas can be used or adapted for all age groups so we can all grow in faith together.

Growing Faith in our Diocese

In Coventry many churches will be following the ethos of Growing Faith without using the name. We want to support all churches from where they are to help them grow and develop a culture that includes and value children and young people as Christians and as full members of the church community. We're doing this in a variety of ways:

  • Sharing resources that have a Growing Faith ethos and giving ideas for using them in different contexts.
  • Running workshops open to all to attend on different topics around this area.
  • Working with a cluster of churches in Nuneaton who actively want to invest in a Growing Faith ethos and support each other in the process.

Want to know more?

National initiative

There are six trailblazer diocese all exploring Growing Faith in different way. We are just one of those diocese.

Click here to find more about the national Growing Faith Adventure.

Click here to read an article about what the trailblazers have been doing.

Our resources

During 2020/2021 we wrote a series of resources to support churches, schools and homes during various lockdowns and changing rules. Now the world of resourcing is more settled we have moved to identifying key resources that can be used in church, school and home and support childhood faith and spirituality. Some of these we may write a complementary resource and/or give ideas of how to adapt it to different contexts. Our Thy Kingdom Come Panda trail is a good example.

Click here to see the resources we have.

Contact us

We have a fabulous team involved, so do get in touch with questions, ideas, stories or challenges.

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