Advertising policy for vacancies

Policy for advertising vacancies on the diocesan website and eBulletin

Church Improvements Fund

The Diocesan Church Improvements Fund provides limited funding to PCCs wishing to improve the facilities of their church buildings

Introducing the Mission and Discipleship Team

Separate departments within the Diocesan Office are being consolidated into a new Mission and Discipleship Team.


The Equip Hub is the virtual learning platform for the Diocese of Coventry.

Living Generously

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Our vision

Where are we going?

Sample headings

Sample headings

Sermon for a Sunday after Easter

Bishop John has recorder a sermon for Sunday 26 December.

Test page

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When nothing can be said

Openness and transparency are values to which we aspire in the Diocese of Coventry; nevertheless, situations can arise where archdeacons or diocesan staff are unable to give a direct answer to a simple question.

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