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This is the place to come for lay and ordained church leaders who are seeking to chart a course to a better future as the pandemic restrictions are eased.

"The God of heaven will make us prosper, and we his servants will arise and build..." Neh 2.20 NRSV

In recent weeks Bishop Christopher and Archdeacon Barry have spoken about the journey our churches are embarking on as they seek to find their way in the changing contexts of our parishes. At a presentation to the Bishop's Council on the 17th April, Barry outlined three phases; Return, Rebuild and Renewal. He remarked:

"The God of mission calls each of us as members of His church to be ambassadors of Christ, and be a part of the re-building of our nation, working together to be good news to the poor and renewing and re-imagining our church communities".

Recognising that at each phase, the challenges and opportunities will be different, we have created these pages to resource church leaders with tools, frameworks, inspirational talks and ideas for missional engagement. Don't be overwhelmed by the number of resources, just access what you need. We will add to these pages regularly and signpost you to them from time to time. Let us know if you have come across any helpful resources you would like us to include.   

Return Rebuild Renewal - Autumn conference

Videos and presentation slides from the Autumn conference

Study on the book of Nehemiah - Archdeacon Barry

Archdeacon Barry led a study morning on the book of Nehemiah for the Bishop's Council and has made his Powerpoint slides available to small groups.

What to consider during the return phase

Here you will find some helpful questions that church leaders and PCCs might like to consider during the return phase

Balancing digital with 'in-person' worship?

Church leaders in the diocese reflect on the challenges and opportunities they are likely to face as they plan to return to 'in-person' worship

What to consider during the rebuild phase

Here you will find some helpful resources to help you think through issues relating to the rebuild phase

What to consider during the renewal phase

Here you will find resources to inspire and help you and your congregations re-imagine mission and ministry in your parish/benefice.

What resources are available from the Church of England?

Here you will find some resources from the national church that are likely to be helpful, especially during the return phase

What resources are available from elsewhere?

Here are some helpful 'tool's, guidance, inspiring reflections and books available from elsewhere

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