Rule of Life

A Rule of Life

In recent years and months, many people from across the Diocese and beyond have been discovering the value of having a Rule of Life. More recently, in living through the Lockdown, people of any faith or none have been recognising the importance of having some kind of structure to the day, and for people of faith this will involve a rhythm of prayer.

The discipline of a Rule of Life, freely chosen, can help us in our relationship with God, with ourselves and with others and be an important anchor in our Christian life and discipleship. There are a few parishes in the Diocese where a Rule of Life has become an integral dimension of the corporate life of the people and a foundation for the ministry and mission of the church. In addition to this, there are many individuals who observe a Rule of Life, a number of whom are oblates or tertiaries of Christian monastic or missional communities.

I am most grateful to the Revd. Craig Groocock, who has considerable experience in this area, for producing this paper on ‘Developing your own Rule of Life’. I commend it to you in confidence that those who take this up, will discover rich blessings in doing so.

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