Advent & Christmas Resources

The day Jesus was born was a very unusual Christmas. Very few people had prepared for it, those that did may not have understood the significance that it had! While there has not been a Christmas that meets the significance of that first Christmas there have been many other unusual Christmases since and this is one of them.

With Advent and Christmas fast approaching many of us are busy planning without knowing quite what shape the season and celebrations will take. With this in mind we have a selection of ideas and resources that can be tailored and adapted to different rules, spaces and needs for your church. The hope is that these will inspire you in your own context to take a whole idea or find something to  use in what you are already planning.

Click on the images below:


Ideas for worshipping and celebrating in new ways and resources to pick up and use and adapt. There are ideas for churches, collective worship and homes. There are specific sections for youth and children.


Ready made social media image series, videos for a range of ages and contexts and carols coming soon...


Simple liturgies to inspire, use and adapt as you need.

Training, reflection and celebrations that you may want to join in with nationally and within the Diocese.