Inspiration and ideas

This section is packed full of ideas and resources to inspire you as you prepare for Advent and Christmas. It includes resources which can be used individually or with groups, online or in person. Ideas for nativities, prayers, services, mission and worship. Have a browse through the ideas below and find something to suit your context and needs. 

Follow the Star

The national resource from the Church of England.

Advent & Christmas Book Recommendations

A shortlist of some Advent and Christmas books that we've found helpful.

Advent at home

Looking for something more than an advent calendar? These ideas are designed to be helpful for any age or mixture of ages.

Children and families

Videos, activities and resources designed specifically with children in mind. But it does not mean that only children will enjoy them. These ideas can be used at home, by churches and by schools.

Youth and families

Resources that have been designed specifically with youth and young people in mind, but will not only be enjoyed by youth. These can be used at home, in school or by churches.

Festive Fundraising

Fun, flexible and frivolous ways of bringing your community together, raising money and sharing the joy and good news of Christ's birth

Longest Night

A service to honour feelings of sadness, grief and loss in a time we view as celebration. (This service is sometimes known as Blue Christmas)


Ideas to keep the Christingle tradition in new and interesting ways this year.

Filming the Nativity

Making a nativity film by households each filming their part and putting them together.

Advent windows

Bringing your community together to decorate and light up a series of windows as a real world 'Advent calendar' that people can go out and explore.

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