Advent windows

Ideas: Invite houses to be involved in an advent calendar of windows. You need 25 houses involved (or local buildings). Each window is decorated on the number they are and is lit up every night (from their night) until Christmas. Each house also makes their number clear in the window for those out window hunting. You could have a map available to let people know which streets to explore and when. Alongside the map you may include a tick list so people can tick them off as they find them. Perhaps the final one could be a church window?


  • Across the community

Making it missional:

  • Encourage church families to get involved and share the Christmas story in their windows.
  • Open it to the community to faciliate a community event that everyone can get involved in.
  • Advertise it in local social media and newsletters. Have the map easily available for people to join in.

Different ages:

  • This is suitable for any age without any adaptations. 

Adapting to spaces or rules:

  • Smaller scale: If you only have a few houses you could ask each to include an image of the advent wreath, each week with an additional candle lit. This could be next to their number. You could also have the church (or individual house) with an advent candle image and 'light' one each week.
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