What to consider during the return phase


5 Key questions for leaders and PCCs to consider during the return phase 


  1. How has the landscape of: a) your parish, and b) your church changed in the last twelve months?
  2. Which of these changes do you consider to be: a) long-lasting b) temporary?
  3. One of the biggest impacts on church health during the pandemic has been on Loving Relationships and more particularly, one-to-one conversations. Can you think of ways to address this during the return phase? (It might be good to show Rev Steve Hood’s presentation to your church leaders).
  4. The Reverends Ali Massey, Hugh Priestner, Greg Bartlem and Andy March describe their journey through the pandemic and what their current thinking is about creating a balance between ‘in-person’ and digital church. How do you intend to balance these two important dimensions of church life to ensure they are sustainable? (It might be good to watch one or more of the interviews we conducted with church leaders).
  5. Thinking of both digital and 'in-person' dimensions of church, what do you intend to do: a) pastorally b) missionally in the return phase? (You might find Fr Gary’s video helpful).


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