Ministerial development review

What is available?

In 2017, we introduced a new MDR scheme in order to support clergy in their ministry, and to enable those who are licensed under Common Tenure to fulfil their obligation to participate. There are specific forms for those whose ministry is largely parish-based, chaplains, and those whose ministry primarily unfolds within an extra-parochial context.

Who is eligible?

All licensed clergy. Those who are licensed under Common Tenure are required to participate; those whose licence predates Common Tenure are warmly invited to participate, as they wish.

How do I access it?

Clergy licensed under Common Tenure will automatically be enrolled in the system and will receive an email in the Spring to explain what they need to do. Clergy whose licence predates Common Tenure will receive an email inviting them to participate if they wish to.

You can find all the forms you need at the foot of this page.

Please read forms 1 and 3 first which explain how the scheme works.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible, or if by June each year you have not heard anything, please contact Simon Taylor ( Please also contact Simon if you would like any more information about the scheme.

Forms and resources

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