Safeguarding training

The House of Bishops' policies Promoting a Safe Church (2006), Protecting All God's Children (2010), and the recommendations from the Chichester report all highlight the importance of regular safeguarding training for:

  • Everyone who works with children (under 18) or adults who are vulnerable
  • Everyone in a position of authority or trust
  • Everyone who holds a Bishop's Licence or has the Bishop's Permission to Officiate

Legislation, government policy and good practice guidelines relating to safeguarding change on a regular basis and it is important to keep up to date with these changes by attending appropriate training.

The Diocese of Coventry provides a range of different safeguarding training events which are all free of charge. At the moment all safeguarding courses are delivered online, either via the online training portal or zoom. We will reintroduce face to face training once it is safe to do so.

We are aware that safeguarding training is a difficult subject and can raise issues for some people about past or current experiences. If you are a survivor of any kind of abuse you may wish to access some support before completing our safeguarding training. If you would appreciate talking to someone about this please contact the Diocesan Safeguarding Team by telephone on 02476 521345 (press option 2), or via e-mail.

The safeguarding training courses have recently been renamed and are now referred to as -

  • C0 has become - Basic Safeguarding Module
  • C1 has become - Foundation Safeguarding Module
  • C2 has become - Leadership Safeguarding Module
  • C3 and C5 have been discontinued - all new clergy and readers will complete Basic, Foundation and Leadership Modules

Each module builds upon knowledge learnt in the previous modules, for example to complete foundation (C1) you must have first completed basic (C0) training. In order to complete Leadership (C2) you must first have completed both basic (C0) and foundation (C1).

If you are unsure which training course is appropriate for your role please refer to our document Training Requirements 2020

Refreshing safeguarding knowledge

You are required to refresh your safeguarding knowledge every three years by retaking the highest level course you have taken previously again. For example if you took foundation (C1) three years ago, you must retake foundation (C1) again but you do not need to retake (C0).

Basic safeguarding awareness training (C0)

Basic (C0) supports participants to develop a basic awareness of safeguarding in the context of the Church and Christian pastoral care. This module is accessed online via the Safeguarding Training Portal and takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

 Instruction on how to access this training is listed below -

  • Go to the Church of England safeguarding training portal
  • If you are already registered you should log in with your user name and password
  • If you are registering for the first time, fill in the details requested. Your password will need to contain a capital, a lower case letter, and a number or a symbol
  • Wait for the email to confirm you have registered
  • Click on the link in your emails
  • Log in with your user name and password
  • Click on the online courses
  • Search for the basic (C0) or Foundation (C1) course

Foundation safeguarding module (C1) during COVID

The foundation course situates safeguarding in the context of the Church and equips participants with the knowledge and skills in knowing what, when and how to report concerns. This course is now available via Safeguarding Training Portal  and takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

Leadership safeguarding module (C2)

This module is now being delivered online via Zoom and builds on from the knowledge acquired from Foundation (C1). This course supports church officers to know and understand how effective safeguarding leadership behaviours, values and beliefs can be used to develop a healthy church culture. This course explores effective preventative safeguarding practices and how to respond to complex safeguarding concerns in a way which supports victims and others who are impacted. This course if offered via Zoom and is delivered in two 90 minute sessions. There is also some pre-course and reflective independent learning associated with this course.

To find out the upcoming dates for this course please email 

Parish Safeguarding Officer Training

There is currently no Parish Safeguarding Officer Training planned for 2020.

Safer Recruitment Training (S1)

This training is for Clergy, Parish Safeguarding officers and others involved in Safer Recruitment. The course covers:

  • Safer Recruitment for volunteers and paid staff
  • The nine steps of Safer Recruitment
  • DBS eligibility

This course will be available online via the online training portal in 2021, an email will be sent out when this course is available.

Raising Awareness & Responding Well to Domestic Abuse (S3)

This is for all Clergy. The training is a full days training from 9.30am - 4pm and covers:

  • Domestic Violence/Abuse and who is most affected
  • How to support those facing domestic abuse
  • Key theological issues
  • What churches can do
  • Take away with ‘One thing you can do’
  • Exercises and case studies

This course does not have any upcoming dates planned but the Safeguarding Team are looking at ways to deliver this training virtually.