Clergy retreats

Time and space for spiritual refreshment is vital for spiritual leadership. Daily prayer time is obviously essential but it is also important for clergy (and Readers) to make space for longer periods for prayer, reflection and spiritual refreshment and to do this away from home and parish/workplace.

A Retreat to Suit You

There is no one-size-fits all model for retreat. Some like to get away on their own, some like to attend a guided retreat, some retreat with a small number of colleagues. Retreats are not times for intense study, for writing, focused planning or for communal learning; they are opportunity for refreshment and renewal of our inner selves, in conjunction with God. (Grant applications for conferences and courses should be made to the CMD grant fund.)

Licensed clergy are expected to take a week of retreat each year, in addition to annual leave. That week can be taken as a single block, or - if more convenient for domestic arrangements - in two shorter sections.

Churchwardens and other parish officers should not only allow this, but should actively encourage it.

What is available?

Your clergy colleagues may be able to recommend somewhere they have found particularly beneficial. 

Who is eligible?

The Diocese allows a notional retreat grant of up to £120 per calendar year for each licensed minister. Retreat grants should be requested in advance. Applications will not normally be considered retrospectively.

Please note that grants are discretionary, and funds are limited, so it may not always be possible to grant the full amount that is requested.

Whom do I contact for more information?

Contact if you need further information, or complete a grant form by clicking here

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