Section 4: Receiving PTO

Assuming the processes in the previous sections have had a satisfactory outcome, the Bishop will sign a document explaining that he gives his permission for you to officiate. Clergy under 80 years of age will usually be given this permission for 3 years, while clergy over 80 years will receive PTO on a yearly basis. This will be explained on your PTO document.

The PTO document, which will be posted to you, will include a safeguarding record and brief information about the type of ministry you would like to offer. The safeguarding record is particularly important as your permission is only valid as long as your DBS certificate is in date and your safeguarding training meets the necessary requirements. When the document is issued, all Area Deans, the Archdeacon Pastor, and the Diocesan HR Advisor will be informed.

You should keep the document safe. It is the responsibility of the incumbent of each parish to check that those they invite to take services have the Bishop’s permission to do so and they may request to see it.

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