Called to Ministry?

Vocation? Calling? Ministry?

We are all called by God.

Vocation, (from the Latin vocare meaning ‘to call’) is for all God’s people and is about working out who we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to be doing. We are called in many different ways and to many different things.

Working out what this calling looks and feels like takes discernment and time. If you think your calling might be to Christian Ministry – be that lay or ordained, we would love to hear from you!

For initial enquiries please contact 

See the links below for more information to see what is happening locally.

UKME vocations

We are keen to encourage and support those people who want to explore vocation who may not have been welcomed or well represented in the Church of England to date. This includes those who identify as UKME (United Kingdom Minority Ethnic). 

The Vocation Process
The Diocesan Discernment (or Vocation) process is designed to help you find out whether God is calling you to be part of the formal leadership of the Church.
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"Called" Vocation Courses
Information about the 'Called: Mission, Ministry & Me' vocations courses
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In your teens, twenties and thirties?
Young Vocation
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Types of Ministry
Ministry in different shapes and sizes
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Meet the team
Information about the Vocations Team
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Praying your vocation
A few prayer resources to help you pray about your vocation
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