The Vocation Process

The Vocation Process

The Diocesan Discernment (or Vocation) process is designed to help you find out whether God is calling you to be part of the formal leadership of the Church.

The Church of England has recently adopted a new national discernment process for the selection of candidates for training for ordained and authorised lay ministries. We have been working hard in the diocese to update our own processes to fit with the national system and we are now once again working with candidates. You are welcome to contact Mark Norris for an informal chat if you are interested at or on 07497 66 77 47.

More details of the process will follow here soon.

To begin the discernment process, a candidate's incumbent/chaplain needs to complete a Vocation Recommendation Form, which can be found in the documents section at the bottom of this page. 

Prospective candidates should complete a Vocations Registration Form and (optional) Ethnic Monitoring Form, which can also be found in the documents section.

Recommendation forms and enquiry forms should be sent to

Called: Mission, Ministry & Me - Vocations Course
A vocation programme which is run in a variety of formats - online and in person, over an evening course or day conference or weekend retreat. A chance to spend time with others exploring your sense of calling and hearing about a range of different forms of vocation, lay and ordained. For more information about the Called course (which also runs in different formats through the year) see the Vocation course page here or contact  

UKME vocations
We are keen to encourage and support those people who want to explore vocation who may not have been welcomed or well represented in the Church of England to date. This includes those who identify as UKME. 


Vocation Registration Form (2021-)

Incumbent/Chaplain Recommendation Form (2021-)

Ethnic Monitoring Form (Optional)