The Parsonages Committee

What does The Parsonages Committee do?

The Parsonages Committee recognises the importance of energy efficiency in parsonage houses and DBF owned properties, and as such has implemented the following strategy:

  • Quinquennial and interregnum inspections re-formatted to specifically target energy efficiency
  • Quinquennial and interregnum work schedule includes
    • increasing loft insulation up to, and where necessary in excess of government recommended levels
    • identifying potential for cavity wall insulation
    • fitting thermostatically controlled radiator valves
  • Capital Improvement budget specifically focuses on replacing single glazed windows with UPVC double glazed units.

When does The Parsonages Committee meet?

The Parsonages Committee meets 3 times a year. The meeting dates for 2021 are

10 March
16 June
24 November

Any problems, questions or comments should be directed to a member of the property team.

Who are The Parsonages Committee members?

The Parsonages Committee comprises the following members:

  • Simon Danks, Chair
  • Archdeacon Sue Field
  • Reverend Michael Brandsma
  • Mrs Ann Howard
  • Mr Peter Rogers
  • Reverend Peter Walker

The Property Manager and Diocesan Surveyor also attend meetings.