Termly CMD programme

Coventry’s termly CMD programme is built around three strands: Core Skills, Fresh Thinking, and Wellbeing. The intention of the programme is to focus on those things that are central to the life, faith and ministry of clergy and licensed lay leaders.

All sessions are free, and can be booked through Equip Hub.

Please contact the Director of Ministry & Leadership with suggestion or requests for future programmes, or if there is a subject or issue that you would like to lead a CMD session on.

Continuing Ministerial Development – Summer 2024

Welcome to the Summer Programme for Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD). Meeting with colleagues to explore both practical and theological aspects of Christian ministry is one of the great joys of my role.

Please remember that stipendiary clergy are expected to attend at least two events from the termly CMD programmes over each calendar year. This requirement is in addition to required attendance at Bishop’s Study & Safeguarding events. During 2024 one of those two needs to be an Unconscious Bias Awareness session.

In making it an expectation that stipendiary clergy engage with the Diocesan CMD programme, I am doubly keen that the programme reflects areas of need and interest in your ministry. Please help me to achieve that by making suggestions and offering your involvement.

Licensed self-supporting clergy, chaplains and clergy with P.T.O. are most welcome at CMD programme events if other commitments allow, but are not required or expected to attend. We are still working towards providing regular CMD provision for those with other daytime commitments.

Rob Harrison



Preaching Simply

Thursday 2nd May, 2.00pm - 4.30pm

Venue: St Nicholas’, Radford Semele

Preaching is a staple activity of church leadership, but it is not everyone’s natural strength. Might it be possible to spend less time preparing sermons that are more effective? Rob Harrison will combine insights and skills from his experience in broadcasting with opportunity to encourage and learn from one another.

The session will be led by Rob Harrison.

Who is this session for? Clergy, Readers & Lay Preachers

Equip Hub link:  Preaching Simply - Equip Hub


Unconscious Bias Awareness (required)

Tuesday 7th May, 2.00pm - 4.30pm – Alcester Minster
Unconscious Bias Awareness (May 2024) - Equip Hub

Thursday 13th June, 7.00pm - 9.30pm – St Matthew & St Oswald, Rugby
Unconscious Bias Awareness (June 2024) - Equip Hub

Tuesday 17th September 2.00pm - 4.30pm – St Edmunds, Shipston on Stour
Unconscious Bias Awareness (Sept 2024) - Equip Hub

Tuesday 22nd October, 10.00am – 12.30pm – St Margaret’s, Whitnash
Unconscious Bias Awareness (Oct 2024) - Equip Hub

Beneath our principles, priorities and preferences lies a layer of assumptions and expectations that influence our actions without us being aware it is happening. It is a natural part of being human. This required training session will explore why everyone makes assumptions and how our unconscious biases affect our actions. We will consider how we can become more conscious of our personal collection of biases and how we can be more aware of other people’s unconsidered assumptions.

This session will be led by Neil Masih & Anna Naish

Who is this session for? All licensed clergy are required to attend one of these sessions during 2024.

Equip Hub links:  See above


Prayers of Love & Faith (P.L.F.) resourcing
  • Good Conversations that Engage with Difference

Thursday 2nd May, 9.30pm – 12 noon

Venue: St Laurence's, Foleshill

Whether you chose to use, or not use, the Prayers of Love and Faith, it is likely that you will engage with people who feel differently from you, be that within a congregation, a PCC member or a colleague.

This session will explore principles for good dialogue – including deep listening, self-awareness, understanding the other, sharing authentically. The session will include time for reflection as you consider your practice. Whether you feel confident or unconfident as we navigate this shared season of change, this will be an opportunity to ground the principles of a skill that reaches to many parts of Christian ministry.

The session will be co-facilitated by Emma Crick de Boom & Rev Dr Beren Hartless.

Who is this session for? Clergy, & lay leaders who are recommended by their incumbent/priest in charge

Equip Hub link:  P.L.F. – Good Conversations that Engage with Difference - Equip Hub


  • Practical Skills for Difficult Conversations

Wednesday 15th May, 10.00am – 5.00pm 

Venue: St Stephens', Canley

This workshop looks to equip people with practical skills needed to facilitate difficult conversations. This training will be led by expert facilitators from Place for Hope and will offer additional depth to meet complex needs. It will cover: understanding and navigating group dynamics; understanding triggers that impact conversation; techniques on how to work through them; how to prepare when facilitating difficult conversations.

This training will be led by experienced trainers from Place for Hope

Who is this session for? Clergy, & lay leaders who are recommended by their incumbent/priest in charge

Equip Hub link:  P.L.F – Practical Skills for difficult conversations - Equip Hub


  • P.L.F. Parish-level Practicalities

Thursday 16th May, 10.00am - 12.30pm

Venue: St Nicholas’, Warwick

Though an incumbent does not need to approval of the PCC to offer Prayers of Love and Faith in a regular service, it is recommended that they are attentive to the sensitivities of their context and hold a conversation with the PCC or members of the congregation according to the Pastoral Principles. This ‘forum’ event will provide an opportunity to consider, together with colleagues, the practicalities of engaging the PCC and wider community of the church in discerning whether or not to use the Prayers of Love and Faith.

The session will be hosted by Rob Harrison, with input from the Archdeacon Team of the diocese

Who is this session for? Clergy, & lay leaders who are recommended by their incumbent/priest in charge

Equip Hub link:  P.L.F. Parish-level Practicalities - Equip Hub


Bishop’s Safeguarding Day (required for stipendiary clergy)

Tuesday 21st May – 9.15am – 4pm

Venue: Delta Hotel Warwick

The key focus of this event will be on pastoral supervision. Lunch will be provided – please supply dietary requirements on registration.

Who is this session for? Stipendiary clergy are required to attend; SSM clergy & chaplains are invited & welcome; remaining places will be made available to clergy with P.T.O. through a waiting list.

Equip Hub link: Bishop's Safeguarding Day 2024 - Equip Hub


Eco-focused Mission

Tuesday 25th June, 10.00am - 12.30pm

Venue: St Thomas’, Keresley

Much of the time, the challenge of netZero focuses on practicalities like heating systems and travel plans. This session will look at the ecological challenge as a missional opportunity. The morning will explore central Gospel themes that resonate with the green agenda and discuss practical ways that environmental awareness might lead to missional communities.

The session will be co-led by Charlotte Jackson & Rob Harrison.

Who is this session for? Clergy & Lay Leaders

Equip Hub link: Eco-focused Mission - Equip Hub


Understanding Conflict Situations

Wednesday 10th July, St Nicholas’, Kenilworth, 2.00pm - 4.30pm

Conflict is a normal part of life, but when minor conflicts escalate they cease to be opportunities for creativity and cause long term damage to relationships and fruitfulness.

This session will explore the scale of conflict used by ‘Place for Hope’ in their mediation work. The session will enable you to identify potentially damaging conflict at an early stage and offer practical insights into how to keep conflicts from escalating.

This training will be led by expert facilitators from Place for Hope

Who is this session for? Clergy & Lay Leaders

Equip Hub link:  Understanding Conflict Situations - Equip Hub


Autumn Term

Save the date - Bishop’s Study Day

Tuesday 5th November, 9.15am – 4.00pm

Venue: Delta Hotel, Warwick

The key focus for this day will be understanding neurodiversity and engaging fruitfully with neurodivergent people



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