Termly CMD programme

Coventry’s termly CMD programme is built around three strands: Core Skills, Fresh Thinking, and Wellbeing. The intention of the programme is to focus on those things that are central to the life, faith and ministry of clergy and licensed lay leaders.

All sessions are free, and can be booked through Equip Hub.

Please contact the Director of Ministry & Leadership with suggestion or requests for future programmes, or if there is a subject or issue that you would like to lead a CMD session on.


Continuing Ministerial Development - Spring 2024

For 2024 we are revising the expectations of stipendiary clergy with regards to the annual CMD programme.

In addition to the requirement that all stipendiary clergy attend the Bishop’s Study Morning, Safeguarding Day and Study Day, stipendiary clergy are also expected to attend at least to other CMD sessions from the termly CMD programmes during the year.

In 2024, for one of those two CMD sessions, all licensed clergy are required to attend an Unconscious Bias Awareness session – see below.

Self-supporting licensed clergy and chaplains are encouraged to make use of the CMD programme as appropriate. We are currently shaping a plan to offer a termly evening CMD event focused on self-supporting ministers.


Bishop’s Study Morning - A sharing of passions (required)

Tuesday 30th January – 9.15am – 1pm

This Study Morning will be a mutual encounter between +Ruth Worsley and the clergy of Coventry Diocese. During the morning we will explore and share the passions that shape our ministries.

An optional buffet lunch will be served at 1.00pm.

Who is this session for? Stipendiary clergy – required; SSM clergy & chaplains – invited

Equip Hub link: https://www.equiphub.org.uk/courses-events-and-resources/bishops-study-morning-24/


Unconscious Bias Awareness(required)

Wednesday 28th February, 10.00am - 12.30pm – All Saints Bedworth

Thursday 14th March, 2.00pm - 4.30pm – St Pauls, Coventry

Tuesday 7th May, 2.00pm - 4.30pm – Alcester Minster

Thursday 13th June, 7.00pm - 9.30pm – St Matthew & St Oswald, Rugby

Tuesday 17th September 2.00pm - 4.30pm – St Edmunds, Shipston on Stour

Tuesday 22nd October, 10.00am – 12.30pm – St Margaret’s, Whitnash

Below our principles, priorities and preferences lies a layer of assumptions and expectations that influence our actions without us being aware it is happening. It is a natural part of being human. This required training session will explore why everyone makes assumptions and how our unconscious biases affect our actions. We will consider how we can become more conscious of our personal collection of biases and how we can be more aware of other people’s unconsidered assumptions.

This session will be led by Neil Masih & Anna Naish

Who is this session for? All licensed clergy are required to attend one of these sessions during 2024.

Equip Hub links:  See above


Ministering in a Civic Church (CMD – forum)

Thursday 18th January, 10.00am - 12.30pm

Stratford upon Avon Town Hall

Whether it is community remembrance services, mayoral chaplaincy, or anything in between, Church of England leaders are sometimes called upon to fulfill a role in the civic life of their community. When that happens, we can find ourselves working alongside people who have a limited grasp of Christianity, or of religion in general.

This ‘forum’ session will explore a range of opportunities and challenges encountered by church leaders across the diocese.  In addition to sharing good practice, we hope to consider how we might use our opportunity to increase religious ‘literacy’ in civic life.

The session will be hosted by Patrick Taylor & Rob Harrison.

Who is this session for? Clergy and Lay Leaders

Equip Hub link:  https://www.equiphub.org.uk/courses-events-and-resources/ministering-in-a-civic-church/


Fresh ideas for Holy Week (CMD – forum)

Wednesday 24th January, 2.00pm - 4.30pm

St Andrew’s, Eastern Green

While Holy Week has a number of fixed points that change little from year to year, we all face the challenge to cast a fresh light on the familiar and challenging stories of Holy Week. This ‘forum’ event will be an opportunity to look ahead, and share your insights and experience while benefiting from that of others.

The session will be hosted by Rob Harrison.

Who is this session for? Clergy & Lay Leaders

Equip Hub link:  https://www.equiphub.org.uk/courses-events-and-resources/fresh-ideas-for-holy-week/


School Visits into Church (CMD – forum)

Wednesday 6th March, 10.00pm - 12.30pm

St George’s, Rugby

Opening up our Church buildings to our local schools is a great way to build relationship by supporting them in delivering their Religious Education curriculum.

However, it doesn’t need to end there! School visits also present an opportunity for us to engage with children we may not otherwise see. To use our architecture, traditions and seasonal practices to share the heart of God and speak about our life-giving faith. To show children and teachers alike that our churches can be welcoming spaces where they are loved and valued.

The creative possibilities are endless, so we invite you to join us for a forum on School Visits. Come ready to share your ideas, and be ready to pinch other people’s good ideas too.

The session will be hosted by James Henney & Rob Harrison.

Who is this session for? Clergy & Lay Leaders

Equip Hub link:  https://www.equiphub.org.uk/courses-events-and-resources/school-visits-into-church/


End of Life Care (Core)

Tuesday 19 March 2.00pm - 4.30pm

 George Elliot Hospital, Nuneaton

This session will explore what it means to care for those coming to the end of their lives. How do we support those who are dying to find peace, meaning and fulfilment in the face of illness and death? How do we process our own mortality in the light of other’s circumstances, and how do we lead others well through individual and communal grief? There will be time for a Q&A in this interactive discussion and refreshments to follow.

The session will be led by Janelle Kingham, Lead Chaplain at George Eliot Hospital.

Who is this session for? Clergy & Lay Pastoral Leaders

Equip Hub link:  https://www.equiphub.org.uk/courses-events-and-resources/end-of-life-care/


Doing Church Outside

Thursday 11th April, 2.00pm - 4.30pm

The Garden of Hope at St John’s, Westwood

As springtime leans towards summer, this session will explore ideas and possibilities for taking church out into the open air. Set in the extensive Garden of Hope at Westwood (weather permitting) Caroline Hammond will cover ways that regular services can be adapted for the outdoors and open up ideas for new worshipping communities that gather in the open air.

The session will be led by Caroline Hammond & hosted by Rob Harrison.

Who is this session for? Clergy & Lay Leaders

Equip Hub link:  https://www.equiphub.org.uk/courses-events-and-resources/doing-church-outside/


Summer 2024

These three events from the Summer Programme are either focused on issues that affect particular clergy, or involve professional trainers from outside the diocese. If you are interested in any of these events, please click here to express an interest. We will then endeavor to hold the event at a time and place that suits you.


Supporting People with Eating Disorders

Summer term – date and venue to be confirmed

This session will offer practical insight into supporting people with eating disorders, be they in your family, your congregation or your community. The session will be led by Marie Dove from the charity Taste Life UK.

In order to support those for whom this will be most useful, we will set the date via a Doodle Poll among those who have expressed an interest. We will then choose a venue that works well for those people.


Joys & Challenges of being a Neuro-diverse Minister (forum)

Summer term – date and venue to be confirmed

Having a brain that works differently from the majority of people is both a joy and a challenge. Some of the challenge can come from the routine requirements and expectations of parish life and church leadership.

This ‘forum’ event will bring together clergy and lay leaders who understand themselves to be neuro-diverse, to share experiences, offer mutual support and offer useful hints and tips. It will also be an opportunity for ‘the diocese’ to learn how best to support neuro-diverse leaders.


Understanding Conflict Situations

Summer term – date and venue to be confirmed

Conflict is a normal part of life, but when minor conflicts escalate they cease to be opportunities for creativity and cause long term damage to relationships and fruitfulness.

This session, led by ‘A Place for Hope’, will explore the scale of conflict used by ‘A Place for Hope’ in their mediation work. The session will enable you to identify potentially damaging conflict at an early stage and offer practical insights into how to keep conflicts from escalating.


To express an interest for any of these event please click here.


Advanced date - Bishop’s Study Day

Tuesday 5th November

Provisional times: 9.15am – 4.00pm



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