Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation

September 2022- June 2023


A coming together in fortnightly sessions to renew our life in Christ and grow in intimacy with God and each other.

Thursday afternoons 1.15 - 3.15 pm - either as invited guests to Leasowes Farm, Warwick, or on Zoom. Every session will be a hybrid offering so you are welcome to join us in person or through the wonders of technology.

Christ-centred and Jesus-shaped*

(*A Vision for the Church of England in the 2020s)

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What happens in Spiritual Formation sessions?

  • We navigate traditional pathways to God and explore ancient Christian wisdoms.
  • We search out unexpected places and hidden ways to find God in our 21st century lives.
  • We listen to how others have applied their faith - in work, in community and in ministry.
  • We walk together sharing our journeys towards God and growing in fellowship.

What topics are covered?

A wide range of fresh topics is introduced each term covering contemporary issues, Christian traditions, and personal stories:  anything and everything which connects our lives to God.

Some examples from the 2021-22 programme include: Ignatian Spirituality, Quakerism, Spirituality and Special Needs and Critical Race Theory from a Christian perspective.

Our speakers include ordained ministers, writers, scholars, artists, entrepreneurs, academics, psychotherapists, and business leaders.

Who can attend?

Anyone with a heart for the Lord Jesus Christ and a desire to discover him afresh in the busy-ness of their lives.

We positively seek to be ecumenical and welcome people from any Christian denomination, or anyone seeking to explore the truth of Christ, within and beyond the Diocese.

How is Spiritual Formation organised?

  • A small group of those trained and experienced in the Art of Spiritual Accompaniment plan and facilitate the sessions.
  • An invited speaker leads the sessions.
  • Sessions are offered fortnightly, in person at Leasowes Farm, or by Zoom.  This means that every session will be a hybrid one, other than our final coming together at the end of the year.
  • Participants are welcome to join us for one session, but many attend several or all sessions each term.

How are the sessions structured?   

This varies depending on how the speaker wants to engage and encourage responses, but generally along these lines.

  • Stilling exercise (15 min)
  • Key input from our main speaker (40 min)
  • Workshop or small-group discussion (40 min) Exploring our responses and ways of integrating learning into our lives.
  • Feedback (10 mins)
  • Closing Prayer (10 min)

Plus notes on each topic, booklists and questions for reflection.


Arrive 13:00 for a 13:15 start. Finishes at 15:15. 

Term 1 (Autumn 2022)

22nd Sept

Spirituality in the Middle East

Su McClellan

6th Oct

Spirituality & Art / Mathematics 

Alex Kingswell

20th Oct

Thomas Traherne

Edmund Newey

3rd Nov

Feminist Spirituality 

Gill Frigerio

17th Nov

Spirituality & Change 

Keith Mobberley

2nd Dec

Spirituality and Study

Sue Rebis

Term 2 (Winter 2023)

19th Jan

Benedictine Spirituality 

Paul Edmondson

2nd Feb

Faith Journeys

Colin and Fey Holtam

16th Feb



2nd Mar

I am Loved

Frank Critchley

16th Mar

I am Loved

Frank Critchley

30th Mar

I am Loved

Frank Critchley 

Term 3 (Spring/Summer 2023) (NB some sessions still to be finalised and dates may be swapped)

27th Apr

Encountering Heaven in the Every Day tbc

Katherine Walakira

11th May



25th May



8th Jun

The 'Art' of Worship

Mary Godfrey

22nd June

Afternoon visit to Oxford home of C S Lewis followed by a visit to his grave and Holy Communion, celebrated by Paul Edmondson, in the church where Lewis worshipped for thirty years.



Further information:

The cost is £5.00 a session or £20.00 a term to include resources provided by the speaker and cover expenses related to any venue hire or other expenses. 

If you would like further information about Spiritual Formation, or if you would like to book your place, please email us at passionatespirituality@live.co.uk

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