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Housing Guide

The Housing Guide has been prepared to help occupants of Diocesan houses and their families with the management of their home. It seeks to explain how the system of maintaining our houses works, and to set out clearly who is responsible for what, and when. By setting out the rights and duties of all involved, we seek to pre-empt difficulties. Please click here to download our latest guide.

Please note: Issues that were to be resolved before you moved in, which are still outstanding or recur within the first year of occupancy, are the responsibility of the Diocesan Surveyor, Tom Picking. After the first year, any issues are classed as wear and tear, and responsibility reverts back to the Diocese (Nigel Campbell/Jane Kirugi).

Vacancy Guide

The Vacancy Guide is designed to help you think of some of the practical arrangements that need to be in place when the property is vacated. Please click here to download our latest guide.

Covid 19 guides

What to expect with contractors visiting diocesan or benefice property

Procedures for contractors working in diocesan or benefice property

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