Lantern Church - a new worshipping community in Bedworth

Lantern Church in Bedworth is a new worshipping community established by All Saint’s Bedworth and located in the estates at the edges of the parish. These estates are geographically dislocated from the town centre and from the All Saint’s building. Part of the mission of Lantern Church has been to find it’s ‘place’ in the community – both physically and relationally. After initial skepticism from community centres and the local council, Lantern have seen great success in building relationship and trust, and as a result is increasingly being given greater and greater access and opportunity within the community. 

The photo above shows the main hall in the (council run) family centre which is located next door to St Michael’s Church of England Academy. The church started by offering support and blessing the school and the family centre in whatever ways they could. Very quickly, they were allowed to start hosting a weekly Messy Church in the family centre. In recognition of the valuable contribution that Lantern were making to children and families in an area of high social deprivation, the council now subsidise the food for the shared meal at the end of Messy Church. Having started in January 2023, Lantern’s Messy Church is now attracting 80-90 children and adults each week from a pool of around 150 regular attendees.

Lantern also run coffee mornings for local residents in the Pinetree Centre. There they have encountered a number of older residents who aren’t able to make the journey into the centre of Bedworth to get to church on Sundays. Lantern have now been asked by the council if they will run meetings and worship services in the Pinetree Centre for local residents to attend.


The image above shows an area of wasteland on the estate, between two rows of houses. This area has been derelict for some time, and has attracted fly tipping, vandalism and antisocial behavior – including a fire being set which endangered local residents. Through good relationships with local councilors, Lantern were able to convince the council to act, and a new fence has been erected to make the area more secure. In addition, Lantern have now been given permission by the council to redevelop the area into an urban farm / community garden over the coming year.

Find out more about Lantern Church on their Facebook page.

First published on: 13th May 2024
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