150 new worshipping communities by 2030



On Saturday 14 November, the Diocesan Synod approved a growth strategy for the Diocese of Coventry.  The aim is to launch 150 new worshipping communities before the end of this decade.

Bishop Christopher introduced the discussion by playing a short video about the Diocesan Growth Strategy (see above).

Following a discussion, Diocesan Synod approved the strategy with 87% voting in favour, 2% voting against and 10% abstentions.

After the meeting, the Venerable Barry Dugmore, the Archdeacon Missioner said:

"I am humbled yet filled with a sense of anticipation and excitement for the future following Synod's decision to endorse our growth strategy and our vision for 150 new worshipping communities.

The activity of Holy Spirit is evident in so many ways in our communities, with people of all ages spiritually curious, and not yet part of a church community. 

As God's people we are invited to see with fresh eyes 'ripe harvest fields' and partner together for work of the Kingdom, sharing our hope in the Good News of Jesus Christ.

I look forward to working with others on our continuing endeavour and adventure of faith to grow the heart of England."

Churches are encouraged to share this news story with their church members via email, social media, or streaming during their Sunday service.  The video can be downloaded from here.


First published on: 16th November 2020
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