A letter from the Bishop of Coventry

A personal message from the Bishop of Coventry to those who have written to him concerning a recent judgment from the Consistory Court

I am writing to thank everyone who has contacted me following a recent judgment from the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Coventry.

As  noted in an earlier statement from the Diocese, the legal procedures of Consistory Courts are outside the control of diocesan bishops.  Furthermore, I am not able to comment on an on-going judicial process. 

I can say, though, as Bishop of Coventry, I rejoice in the life of this great city with all its linguistic, ethnic, religious and racial richness.  And I rejoice in the Irish community of Coventry in all its forms and for the life that has flowed into the city through its people and which continues to flourish today. 

I rejoice in the long-standing commitment of the Diocese of Coventry to the work of reconciliation.  And I rejoice in the Cathedral’s International Community of the Cross of Nails with its commitments to healing the wounds of history, living with difference and celebrating diversity, and building a culture of peace.

I am deeply saddened whenever people’s identity is hurt or offended.  The Diocese of Coventry will continue to work for reconciliation in our world.

I am praying for this particular situation, especially for a distressed family, and I am ensuring they are made aware of their legal rights according to the procedures of the Consistory Court.

Yours sincerely,


4th June 2020