Hundreds gather for City Praise and Prayer

On Sunday 15th May, Christians from churches across Coventry and beyond gathered in the Cathedral Ruins to pray for the city.

The event was fully booked with about 1500 people in attendance. It was the first time the event was held in the Cathedral Ruins and the first in person City Praise and Prayer since 2019. 

City Praise & Prayer first began in 2013. Over the last nine years, it has been drawing Christians together twice a year from across Coventry and the surrounding region, to worship together and to pray with one voice for the Kingdom of God to come in Coventry and beyond. Before the pandemic, the gatherings have took place at the Welcome Centre, the home of CLM (Christian Life Ministries), a Pentecostal church in the city. 

The Dean of Coventry, John Witcombe, said:

"It was wonderful to welcome around 1500 people to pray and worship in the open space of the ruins (with occasional rain falling!) We knelt in repentance, stood in joyful praise, and prayed that the Cathedral’s message of reconciliation would go out and transform both city and nations. Here is a place where sins are forgiven, lives are healed and hope is restored - and we don’t want to keep that to ourselves."

Bishop Christopher said:

"It was a deep joy and great inspiration to praise and pray in the Cathedral ruins with so many hundreds of people from across the churches of Coventry. We praised with all our hearts, in the joy of the Spirit. We bowed our heads before God in penitence, and many knelt before him. We prayed in the name of Christ for the churches, the city and the world. The people of God were doing the work of the kingdom of God, and we saw a glimpse of that glorious kingdom in our unity in Christ as we sang with one voice and prayed as one church." 

Find out more about City Praise and Prayer on the City Praise and Prayer website.

First published on: 19th May 2022
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