Everyday Faith

We have all been placed in a unique context at a specific time with people that matter to God. Everyday Faith seeks to explore how we can live as God’s people and positively influence those around us as we encounter God in our everyday lives. The Serving Christ team are excited to host a series of workshops to equip and encourage you to live out your faith seven days a week.

The first three events will take place online via zoom.

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Everyday Faith: Conversations

For many of us, we rarely talk about our relationship with God and the challenges and joys of living out our faith, even with other Christians! We may share the struggles and joys of life with friends and families but can stop one step short of exploring how God might be working in a situation and praying together. In this session we will explore ways to inspire and encourage one another's faith through conversations at home, with friends, in our workplaces and in church. 

Monday 24 May, 7:30-9:00pm


Everyday Faith: Stay On Point

Keeping your eyes fixed on Jesus in a world of email, social media and Netflix can be a challenge. It is estimated on average that we see over 5,000 adverts a day. When so many people are demanding our time and attention, how is it possible to maintain our focus? Come and join us as we explore how we can turn down life’s noise and stay on point.

Monday 14 June, 7:30-9:00pm