Section 6: Important contacts

Below is a list of people who will be able to assist you with various aspects of the PTO application process.

Bishop’s House

As Permission to Officiate is issued by Bishop Christopher, most PTO enquiries are handled from Bishop’s House. While a new Theological and Administrative Assistant to the Bishop of Coventry is being recruited enquiries about PTO should be sent to Christine Camfield.

Christine Camfield, PA to the Bishop of Coventry

The Archdeacon Pastor’s Office

Archdeacon Sue has an overall responsibility for the pastoral care of retired clergy including PTO holders. Archdeacon Sue meets with those applying for a new PTO to discuss what they would like to offer to the Diocese and how they can be best supported. Archdeacon Sue’s office also handles fees. All administrative matters should be directed to Simon Taylor, Archdeacon Sue’s PA.

Simon Taylor, PA to the Archdeacon Pastor
07376 981284

As Archdeacon Sue’s PA, Simon will be a first port of call for PTO matters handled by Archdeacon Sue’s office such as ministerial returns or updated Agreed Expectation documents. Simon will also be able to assist you if you need to make an appointment to meet with Archdeacon Sue, and with matters relating to fees.

Safeguarding Department

Sophie Hawtin, Safeguarding Administrator
024 7652 1324

Sophie will guide you through any safeguarding requirements that need to be met as part of your application or to maintain your PTO. Sophie will arrange for you to attend any necessary safeguarding training and invite you to make DBS applications, should your certificate be due to expire.

Property Department

Peter Fowles, Property Manager
07958 623132

Peter is responsible for clergy housing, and will be a first port of call for questions about leaving dates.


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