Amazing GRACE

Amazing GRACE is a new pilot learning community for Clergy and recognised Lay leaders co-ordinated by the Race Equality Resource group. Sign up here.

What is Amazing GRACE?

This is a learning community committed to understanding:

  • The problem of racism
  • The experiences of those who experience racism 
  • The privilege of those who do not
  • The ways racism undermines the mission and ministry of the church

It is a learning community committed to taking intentional action - in whatever way is appropriate to each members circumstances - to promote race equality in our personal and ministerial contexts.

Why is it needed?

The vision given in Revelation 7:9 is of people of every nation, tribe, people and langauge worshipping God together, yet this vision is far from fulfilled in the life of the church today.

However, the sin of racism can prevent the full and equal flourishing of God's children and barriers exist for people of colour which are invisible to their white church family. It is the responsibility of the whole people of God to tackle this injustice.

The learning community aims to be a supportive yet challenging space where particpants can reflect on racism through engagement with Scripture, resources and stories, then work together to identify ways that we can act for race equality in our different contexts.

Bishop John says:

"These are profoundly uncomfortable times. We are being disturbed and we need to be disturbed. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth. The truth is often uncomfortable but it is ultimately our friend. Those of us who are white need to see what many of us have – unwittingly perhaps – resisted seeing. We need to see both the reality and the extent of racism. More uncomfortably than this, we need to see that it is not simply the problem of other people but that we too are part of the problem."

How will the learning community work?

The particpants will meet virtually once a month from July-February (with breaks for summer and Christmas). The initial three sessions will be focused on our own racism awareness, learning and formation as ministers & followers of Christ. For the second phase, the focus will shift to how we can develop good practice and learning in our own contexts. Each member will be encouraged to take action - big or small - then evaluate its progress and share learning with the community.

Who can join?

We are inviting clergy and recognised lay leaders to particpate. There will be an option for smaller learning cohorts to help facilitate meaningful and safe learning environments for all where numbers permit. We hope that these first cohorts will be able to multiply our shared learning in the future.

Who is co-ordinating this community?

Amazing GRACE will be hosted by the Race Equality Resource group, which is part of the wider startegic work that Bishop John is overseeing to further Race Equality across the life of the Diocese. The Amazing Grace learning community is being facilitated by: Rev’d Dr Rosalyn Murphy – St Thomas’ Longford, Rev’d Gareth Irvine – St Laurence’s Foleshill, Rev’d Kate Massey – St Paul’s Stockingford & Dean for Women’s Ministry and Rev’d Ellie Clack – DDO.


Introductory Session - Tuesday 14th July 2020

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