Our vision

Where are we going?

Our purpose remains unchanged, but our shared vision will steadily evolve in response to our changing world.  It puts the flesh on the bones of our shared purpose.  To use a different analogy, it paints a picture of what our diocese could look like in five years’ time. It answers the question, “Where are we going?”

A new video about our diocesan vision will be released this coming autumn.

We currently have several visions for different aspects of our diocesan life.  For example, in five years’ time we hope to see: healthier churches; greater cultural diversity; younger clergy and lay leaders; and new worshipping communities.  Later this year we will be drawing all this together into a simple and clearly articulated overarching vision.

An overarching vision for the whole diocese will inevitably need to be painted with large brush strokes.  This allows our churches, schools, chaplaincies and cathedral to add their own local details.  Having said that, a few detailed cameos can also help to bring the picture to life.

This overarching vision will be informative and, more importantly, it needs to be inspiring.  We want people to catch a glimpse of how the future could be different, and then be motivated to do something about it.

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Our vision

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