Online Fellowship

While at home there are many ways we can stay in touch with each other and worship together. Here are just a few ideas:

Set up a WhatsApp group with a couple of people whom you can comfortably share your spiritual journey. Chat throughout the day, share prayer requests, offer humorous stories or anecdotes on what you are learning to maintain a sense of connection – we still need fellowship, even if we have to do it from a distance. Video calling through WhatsApp/Skype/FaceTime etc. can all be a fun way of praying together as a group.

Use of Zoom or similar platforms can allow a small group of you to meet virtually through video conferencing for prayer and worship. Again, guidance and help-sheets will be coming soon.

Use Spotify to access music, podcasts and playlists of worship songs and hymns. Make them for yourself or to share with your small group or church. A number of local churches are exploring this at the moment. It’s free to use, with adverts, or you can pay a subscription to avoid them. You can take a look at this example from St Paul’s, Leamington.

Consider the practicalities of your church going online. Are you able to record your sermons? If you already do this, are you able to offer a live stream to the whole service through Facebook live or similar? Are you someone who has the skills or technical knowhow to help your/another church to do this to reach those who can’t access in person? Need help, check the 'Online Church' section of the website for help sheets and who to contact.