Online Courses

These courses look at different areas of our faith to help us learn, nourish and grow. They are all free to access and use.

  The Prayer Course

Thinking about prayer following the pattern of the Lord’s Prayer. Sessions include why we should pray, how we can pray and what happens when prayers are not answered. It comes out of the 24/7 prayer movement and has encouraged and helped many people start or grow in their prayer life. There are 8 videos, 25-30 minutes each. You can also download a plan with questions to reflect on.

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  Shining as Lights

“This course encourages us to develop a personal Rule of Life: a simple framework of actions for living out our faith day by day. Each session helps explore what shape that might take”. There are questions and thoughts with a very short video.

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  Discipleship Explored

A follow-up to the Christianity Explored course, this looks at different aspects of daily discipleship and relationship with Jesus, using Paul’s letter to the Philippians to reflect on how the first disciples model a life of growing faith.

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