Support from the Diocesan Training Partnership

What is available?

We are delighted to offer a wide variety of support via the Diocesan Training Partnership:

  • For lay people – the DTP supports lay training and development, including delivery of a comprehensive programme of short accessible courses which, if taken in full, comprise the Bishop’s Certificate in Discipleship and Mission (BCDM)
  • Vocation and discernment – the DTP supports those exploring a vocation to authorised lay or ordained ministry within the Church of England, through a combination of open-access vocations evenings, and a more formal discernment process.
  • Initial Ministerial Development (IMD) – the DTP supports the formation and training of ordinands and curates.
  • Clergy continuing ministerial development (CMD) – the DTP offers a suite of courses to support clergy at key moments in their ministry from their first posts of primary responsibility through to retirement, and with particular presenting issues. Many of these courses are delivered in collaboration with other dioceses in the West Midlands, and you can find out more by looking at the West Midlands CMD website.
  • Grants – Licensed clergy and readers are eligible for annual CMD grants for courses and events which offer training and development. Licensed clergy may also apply for an additional discretionary grant for ongoing academic study. Both grants are administered via the DTP.
  • Sabbaticals – please see the Sabbaticals page for more information.

Who is eligible?

Everyone in one form or another who wishes to grow in faith, discipleship and mission!

  • Lay people – BCDM modules are open to everyone who wishes to engage more with their faith and grow in discipleship and mission. Modules are accessible to people with all levels of academic ability and different learning styles.
  • Vocation and discernment– open-access vocations events are open to everyone who wishes to explore whether God might be calling them to authorised ministry within the Church of England. To enter the formal discernment process, a candidate’s incumbent or chaplain needs to complete a Vocations Recommendation Form and prospective candidates should complete a Vocations Enquiry Form. Links to both forms can be found on the Vocation and Discernment page of the Diocese of Coventry website here.
  • Initial ministerial education – all ordinands sponsored for training by the Diocese of Coventry and all curates who are serving their title in the Diocese of Coventry.
  • Clergy CMD – all clergy who are licensed within the Diocese of Coventry. Additionally, some study days may be open to those who hold the Bishop’s Permission to Officiate in the Diocese of Coventry when numbers permit.
  • CMD grants – licensed readers and clergy within the Diocese of Coventry.

Whom do I contact for more information?

For more information about BCDM, please contact the Discipleship and Mission Development Advisor, Katherine Walakira, at

For more information about Vocations and Discernment, IME, clergy CMD, and grants, please contact the DTP via Richard Cooke, at