Diocesan Registry legal advice

APCM, churchwardens, PCC members, deanery synod & diocesan synod

The government has advised that meetings should not take place and, therefore, it was not possible or practicable for parishes to hold their annual meetings by 31st May as required by the Churchwardens Measure 2001 and the Church Representation Rules.

Establishing a qualifying connection for marriage

Couples who do not already have the legal entitlement to marry in the church they wish to be married in have a way to attain that entitlement by attending services in the parish at least once a month for a period of six months or more.


All applications for private faculties must be made by email during COVID-19. These include memorials, exhumations and reservation of grave spaces.

PCC and other business meetings

Conduct of PCC business by remote meetings or by correspondence

Public notices in faculty applications - until 3 July 2020

The Chancellor has directed that he dispenses with the requirement of public notice with immediate effect in all faculty applications currently in train and in any application made in the period to 3 July 2020.


Couples who need to marry because of critical ill health or similar urgent need can still apply for an Archbishop's Special Licence from the Faculty Office.

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