Wednesday 27 May

Thought for the day from the Revd Martin Green

A Reflection on Acts 1

The disciples are told to wait – wait in the city for the coming of the Holy Spirit, or as Luke says at the end of his gospel, “to be clothed with power from on high”.

This promised gift will enable them to be witnesses to the truth about Jesus across the world – something new was about to begin, but they had to wait.  Their track record had not been great … Jesus had told them to go to Galilee and wait for him there, but they got fed up waiting and went fishing.  It’s hard to wait, and sometimes we can get impatient with God’s timing!

Here in this final conversation with Jesus, he tells them to wait again.

We wait at the moment – for all kinds of things, but mainly for this pandemic to ease.  But not for a return to the old; many are hoping that this break in normal life will mean a new way of working, with new priorities and new values.

We too wait in this week before Pentecost, to remember the church’s birth, to celebrate the dramatic outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the disciples’ launch into a ministry of witness.  May we pray for that fresh outpouring too, a fresh clothing in his Spirit's power, that we may be witnesses to all God is doing today. Church doors may be closed, but God is not confined there – thankfully!

May we pray for something new to emerge from this that brings life and hope in his name.

Martin Green is the Area Dean of Southam Deanery.

National guidance from the Church of England

The Church of England website has a dedicated page for the latest national requirements and guidance.

There have been updates to the FAQ page today.

Free webinar: How to equip people to live missionally in the Covid pandemic

Michael Harvey, the initiator of Back to Church Sunday and John McGinley, author of Mission Shaped Living and Director of Church Planting Development for New Wine are putting on a FREE webinar to help your church make the most of the evangelistic opportunities lockdown has brought.
This webinar on Zoom explores simple ways to help ‘ordinary’ church members respond. And how leaders can help them do so.

Two webinars will be taking place on  Monday June 1st at 2pm or Tuesday June 2nd at 10am. Find out more here.