Wednesday 22 July

Thought for the day from Anne Richards

Zephaniah 3:14-20

I am one of many no doubt holding for 2 roles, one within the Church of England, a Priest-in-Charge and also as Chaplain at Coventry University.

We are called in our reading to, ‘to rejoice.. and to know the Lord is in our midst.’ 

I have always responded to the call to be joyful, no matter what, if I can, and have even found joy during these difficult and challenging times.  Being a Chaplain working from home has certainly brought its challenges, yet I have found much to be joyful in. 

I have been given an opportunity to raise the profile just a little of our Spirituality and Faith Centre with the experience and knowledge that all priests have of bereavement and loss; and so have shared this across the campus, on-line of course.  This has brought me into contact with many people who I hadn’t known before. It’s always a good thing for chaplains to ‘network,’ with the folk around them.

Despite all that we have and are going through we know as Christians that the Lord is in our midst and that he rejoices over us with gladness. 

As I prepare to return to campus after a 5 month break I want to offer on-line services in our new academic year, rather than in person. I will rejoice for I believe that God will bring many more participants.  We have found in my church during this time an increase in numbers in our services as we used Zoom to deliver it on-line. May God work wonderfully as we seek to be joyful and know for sure, ‘he is in our midst.’  That is the most important thing, no matter where we might find ourselves.

Anne Richards is the Chaplain at Coventry University and Priest in Charge at Whitley