Wednesday 17 June

Thought for the day from Martin Green

At a moment when it looks like there may be a breakthrough in treating virus patients, there are echoes with the passage set for last Sunday describing two healing miracles and the woman’s search for a cure.

According to the other accounts in Mark and Luke, here is a woman, ill for a number of years and not getting any better, regarded as unclean and untouchable by society, excluded from worship, and the doctors have been unable to help. And then suddenly Jesus is on the scene, and people are being healed. 

We read that the woman thought, “if only I could reach out and touch the fringe or hem of his garment, I will be healed”.

In one sense, she knew she was untouchable, so to expect Jesus to heal her with a touch was not in her thinking.  But her reaching out and touching him,  just the hem,  just something imperceptible, she knew she would be healed.  

So why touch the hem of his cloak? 

The Hebrew word “kanaph”  for fringe or edge is the word used in Malachi 4.2 for wings:

“But for those who fear the lord, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its /his wings.”

And so reaching out to touch the fringe of his cloak, his wings, would be enough.  It wouldn’t bother Jesus, or draw attention to herself and her condition -  just an act of trust in what she believed

May we too hold fast to the promises we read in Scripture, for Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

Martin Green is the Area Dean for Southam

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