Tuesday 30 June

Thought for the day from Liz Jackson

One of my favourite thought exercises is to ask the question “what happened next?” What happened after Legion was released? What happened next to the leper who was healed? And so today, after reading the story of the prodigal son, I find myself wondering “what happened after the welcome home?”

Did the young man settle down, lessons learnt, to a life focused on family and contentment in domestic life?  Or did he still have a bit of wanderlust?

I guess we could relate to him if he did! Many of us have had experiences when God through one person or situation or another turns our lives around and we all, for sure, have moments after that turn around when we struggle to keep on the new path laid out before us. 

As a world we are at one of those turn it around moments right now.  The life we all lived which involved squandering the earths resources as if there were no end to them, ignoring those in need when we couldn’t see them and living life as if it were one long party has had to stop.  We have discovered that it is possible to use less and still be productive, we daily have the shared plight of the world streamed into our homes, we have had the party stop and isolation imposed upon us.

So, what happens next?

Do we return to ‘normal’ forgetting the lessons learnt and pain and discomfort quickly or do we seize this opportunity to turn ourselves around fully to God and seek to allow His prodigal love for us and His world to reform and reimagine what we and our church communities look like?

Perhaps back to normal is not what we should be aiming for … God demands much more than normal!

Liz Jackson is the Area Dean for Coventry North

National guidance from the Church of England

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At 9:00 this morning, the following statement was added:

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