Thursday 3 December

We are all in Tier 3

Prior to the recent lockdown, Warwickshire was in Tier 1 and Coventry was in Tier 2.

The whole of the Diocese of Coventry has now emerged from lockdown in Tier 3.

Please read the Church of England guide which summarises the difference that this makes.  Please note that the document was updated yesterday (2 December).

National guidance from the Church of England

The Church of England website has a dedicated page for the latest national requirements and guidance.

Following the publication of Government guidance about carol singing, the Church of England added two new FAQs to the above page:

  • Can carol singing or carol services take place this Christmas? 
  • Are nativity plays possible in church?

Following the publication of the Government's guidance for Places of Worship, the Church of England made several more changes to their website last night.

New/updated FAQs

  • Can carol singing or carol services take place this Christmas?
  • What is permitted in my tier?
  • Who can attend church as part of a Christmas Bubble?
  • Can churches hold services of worship?
  • What guidance is available for Holy Communion?
  • Can weddings and funerals go ahead?

New Documents:

Updated Documents:

Comfort and Joy

The Church of England has launched the 2020 Christmas campaign entitled Comfort and Joy.