Thursday 23 July

Thought for the day from Jill Tucker

‘But as for what was grown on good soil……….this is the one who bears fruit’

As farmers and gardeners will attest, this has been something of a mixed year: flooded fields, heavy late frosts, and prolonged draughts do not make for good crops.  But then, raising things from seed is always unpredictable, as the’ ‘Parable of The Sower’ makes clear.

My daughter moved last year to a house with a garden and somewhat decrepit greenhouse; she set to and carefully sowed and potted as instructed.  Then she found this stray tomato plant, happily growing away in the cracks between the paving slabs.  The seed had simply fallen there, and finding good soil, was thriving.

In many different ways during the last four months, we have found God sowing seed in the most surprising places. We have been following instructions, each of us doing the best we can, but how wonderfully God takes that and uses it: he is not contained by it.  

We thank God for that: our job now is to seek out, and then feed and nurture, the precious gifts of the young shoots he gives us. As with the tomato plant we need to provide good soil, and offer protection and support so that it may flourish and bear fruit for itself.

Jill Tucker is the Dean of Self Supporting Ministry and a member of the Bishop's Core Staff Team

National guidance from the Church of England

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This week the national Church updated the following guidance:

Relevant FAQs have been added and updated to reflect these documents

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