Thursday 23 April

Thought for the day from Bishop John

Today we celebrate St George, martyr and our Patron Saint. Born in Cappadocia (now Turkey), he lived most of his life and was martyred in Palestine. Whilst a minority might wish to recruit St George to a narrow English nationalism, it is surely no bad thing if our hearts and minds are drawn to embrace wider horizons and to express our solidarity with peoples of every race and nation. The pandemic is surely a wake-up call to do just that.

George was a soldier during the time of severe persecution under the Emperor, Diocletian. He refused to pay tribute to the Roman gods, witnessing to Christ throughout his subsequent imprisonment and torture and to the end. In today’s gospel, Jesus says ‘If they persecuted me, they will persecute you’ (John 15.20). Jesus warns his disciples – and that means us today –that if we truly are faithful to Christ we will encounter resistance. Until ‘the kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Messiah’ (Rev.11.15) this must, surely, remain true. If we have chosen the comfort of human approval before faithfulness to Christ, should not this comfort disturb us? Jesus says ‘Beware when all speak well of you.’ (Luke 6.26)

Bishop John is the Bishop of Warwick

Tile Hill emergency Food Bank opens

St Andrew's Church in Eastern Green has been working in conjunction with Coventry City Council and the Trussell Trust to open an emergency Food Bank to meet the growing need of food poverty in Coventry.
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