Monday 4 May

Thought for the day from Linda Wainscot

During the many years I taught music, I often asked students to define the word ‘rhythm’. As an aside, I read many ways that students wrote the word ‘rithum’!

Clocks tick, hearts beat - rhythm is all around and within us.  Military Bands march to music that has ‘4 beats in a bar’; a pattern that enables the steady ‘left, right, left, right’ movement to be ordered and smooth.  If, suddenly, there were ‘3 beats in a bar’, the marching would be impossible.  I can only imagine the chaos on the parade ground if the number of beats per bar was random!

It seems to me that the rhythm to which we are ‘marching’ right now is anything but steady.  Many people are reporting how tricky it is to find a daily rhythm when the ‘normal’ has shifted significantly. 

The rhythm of life that Jesus exemplified placed worship and spending time with His Father before anything else.  Maybe that is a rhythm that will continue to provide us with a steady beat during these times. The rhythm of our days might be different from before but this framework might give us confidence in our own ‘left, right, left, right’ pattern.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 provides affirmation for us. ‘There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.

Canon Linda Wainscot is the Diocesan Director of Education and a member of the Bishop's Core Staff Team

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