Monday 29 June

Thought for the day from Barry Dugmore

As we begin the ‘great release’, easing from lock down into a new normal, I’m pondering what it means for our mission.

There have been, and still are many challenges for us, as we plot a new direction. There are opportunities too, and I’ve heard so many stories of people connecting into online church, hearing about Jesus for the first time or re-connecting with their faith again.

Today we remember with thanks the apostles Peter and Paul both familiar with imprisonment (lockdown) and release. Both were open, alive, and inspired through the Holy Spirit to respond to the great mission opportunity and challenge of their time.

Paul, from persecuting the early church gives his all to making Christ known, and Peter’s vision in Joppa, opens his eyes and his heart to new a people group, where the Holy Spirit is at work.  Peter travels to Caesarea and begins to speak of the Good news of Jesus. Those listening encounter the Living God in the power of the Holy Spirit before he’s even finished!

I wonder who is listening to what we have been sharing in our emerging new normal online aspect of being church. My prayer is that as we find our way ahead, we may be as surprised and amazed at those who encounter the message of the Gospel, as Peter was in his vision at Joppa and sermon in Caesarea! (Acts 11.1-18)

Barry Dugmore is the Archdeacon Missioner

National guidance from the Church of England

The Church of England website has a dedicated page for the latest national requirements and guidance.

This morning, the government issued its "Guidance for the safe use of places of worship from 4 July".

The national Church is currently updating its own guidance in line with the above.


Best wishes


Revd Graeme Pringle
Director of Communications