Monday 27 April

Thought for the day from John Witcombe

Yesterday I took this picture of St. Michael standing in triumph over the devil, outside the Cathedral. (It’s only a few yards from my house and I pass it on my daily exercise!)

It’s quite a troubling image for a Cathedral committed to reconciliation. Some look for a plea for reconciliation in the gaze of the devil - but there is no clear answering response from the angel. However, the angel’s face looks out at the world with compassion and sadness, despite the victory which is shown in his posture. The angel says to us, victory is God’s, but it doesn’t wipe away the pain.

We look and pray for the triumph of hope over the evil of this virus, but we know there will remain searing loss in its wake. Our task as a Cathedral. and a diocese, is one of re-imagination - to begin to sow seeds of hope for the creative rebuilding of society beyond these days of exile. That rebuilding will express the hope of God’s future, his purposes for us all - but it will not eradicate the loss which will remain. So we pray for an honest hope which reaches us through pain, and leads us towards a new future.

And war broke out in heaven; Michael and his anger fought against the dragon. The dragon and his angels fight back, but they were defeated …”  Rev 12.7,8

John Witcombe is the Dean of Coventry and a member of the Bishop's Core Staff Team

National guidance

The Church of England has issued An update from the National Safeguarding Team regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) (dated 17 April) 

The Church of England website also has a dedicated page for the latest national requirements and advice.  There have been no changes today.

St Luke’s virtual clergy wellbeing programme

St Luke's is planning to produce a series of papers to support clergy.

The first is entitled: Thoughts from a trauma-informed perspective on the Covid-19 crisis

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