Monday 2 November

Thought for the Week from Ruth Marlow

I had a great aunt who led a community of contemplative nuns, Poor Clares, in Tanzinia, East Africa. She lived a cloistered life, praying for the world and its needs. She entered the order as a teenager in York, serving the church in India before ending up in East Africa, and was well into her eighties when she died there. After her death a petition was sent to the Pope for her Beatification – I have no idea of how the story ended, but was reminded of her and her extraordinary life when I listened to Bishop Christopher’s sermon for All Saint’s and All Souls – a celebration of the unnamed heroes of the Christian faith and of all our departed loved ones.

Bishop Christopher reminds us that Jesus taught, in the words of the Beatitutdes ( Matthew 5.3-10), how we might journey too, ever so slowly, often experiencing great sorrow and loss on the way, to be more like Him. And although this journey will be difficult we will be rewarded by the affirming light of Christ, that holds us in God’s love in the darkest of times. So this week I pray:

As the darken pool is still
It reflects the blue sky above
So may my quiet mind reflect
O God, your glory and your love

As the sea glows in the moonlight
Light of lights, come and shine
Let my life reveal your light
Until I reflect the life divine

As the earth reflects the sunshine
Light of the Creator be mine
Light of the Saviour be mine
Light of the Spirit be mine

Each dawning and each night
O God, may I reflect your light
Each night and each day
Light of God, guide my way.

Ruth Marlow is the Diocesan Secretary
The poem is called ‘Reflected Light’ by David Adam

National guidance from the Church of England

The Church of England website has a dedicated page for the latest national requirements and guidance.

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister of new restrictions to limit the spread of Covid-19, the Bishop of London, Sarah Mullally, chair of the Church of England’s Recovery Group said:

“We have heard with others the announcement from the Prime Minister this evening of a second national ‘lockdown’ in England and how this will affect the life of our communities and public worship.

“We will study the detailed regulations and continue to liaise with Government departments to offer clarity to churches.

“This is a time of real uncertainty for everyone and the Church will continue to be central to the life of our communities in bringing light and hope.”

Remembrance Sunday

Can Remembrance Sunday Services still go ahead?

There appears to be some inconsistencies in the latest Government guidance, and we are awaiting clarification from the Church of England.