Friday 8 May

Thought for the day from Linda Wainscot

Today the church remembers Julian of Norwich.  Born in c1342, she was the first English woman to ever publish a book.

Often referred to as an ‘anchoress’, Julian detached herself from the world to live a life of prayer, contemplation and ministry to those who sought spiritual advice. Her small home, with three windows, was a cell attached to the church. One opened into the Church so she could hear Mass and receive the Sacrament, one was so she could speak with her servant who met her daily domestic needs and one was to give spiritual advice to people who came to her.

She was not considered to be detached from the world, but an anchor in the world. Julian took her name from the church where she was the anchor, the Church of St. Julian, in Norwich.

I am wondering how, like Julian, we are ‘anchors’ in our communities; praying for those around us, helping to meet their needs (in a social-distancing appropriate way) and providing spiritual guidance by sharing the hope we have in Jesus Christ.  One phrase that Julian received from Jesus in a vision is one that provides hope for the world in these troubled times: all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.'

It occurred to me that anchors are often made in the shape of a cross – how appropriate is that in these unsteady times!

Liinda Wainscot is the Diocesan Director of Education and a member of the Bishop's Core Staff Team

National guidance from the Church of England

The Church of England website has a dedicated page for the latest national requirements and guidance.

Last night the Church of England added:

  • Updated guidance in relation to the recent House of Bishops' statement
  • New Advice for Clergy on Re-entering Closed Church Buildings document
  • New FAQ on VE Day 75th anniversary commemoration

VE Day services and events

As mentioned yesterday, a new page has been added to this website regarding VE Day services and events.

This includes details about the service from Coventry Cathedral at 12 noon.

Access to church buildings

Bishop Christopher has asked me to clarify that the recording of services from church buildings is also permitted (subject to the same conditions as live streaming).

This clarification has now been added to the Access to church buildings page, which can be found in the Current advice section of this websiite (see the top menu).

Latest stories

Two stories have been added to this website:

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    The Church of England has launched a new programme to make prayer a household habit once again.
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  • Places of Peace (POP) goes online!
    In the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown, recently established youth work project ‘Places of Peace’ (POP) has gone online as a virtual youth club to help support young people who are self-isolating during this difficult time.
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Director of Communications