Publications by Bishop Christopher

Below is a list of publications and papers by Bishop Christopher.

Book Reviews

  • Numerous reviews in Church Times, Ecclesiology, Epworth Press, Expository Times, News of Liturgy, Theology and Scottish Journal of Theology.


  • With Paul Roberts, Renewing Daily Prayer: An Introduction to Celebrating Common Prayer  (Grove Books, 1993).
  • Prayer and the Departed (Grove Books, 1997).
  • With Jeremy Fletcher, The Spirit and Liturgy (Grove Books, 1998).
  • With Jeremy Fletcher, Common Worship Daily Prayer (Grove Books, 2001).
  • Wisdom: the Spirit’s Gift (Grove Books, 2003).
  • With Linda Wainscot, Headteachers as Community Pastors (Grove Books, 2015).


  • ‘Eucharistic Theology’ in The Identity of Anglican Worship edited by Bryan D. Spinks and Kenneth W. Stevenson (Mowbray, 1991).
  • ‘Root and Resource for Family and Group Prayer’ in Something Understood, edited by Paul Roberts, Kenneth Stevenson and David Stancliffe (Hodder and Stoughton, 1993).
  • ‘Anglican Worship’ in Skepsis: Anglicans for Renewal (ARM, 1994).
  • ‘The Cross and our Worship and Living’ in Atonement Today, edited by John Goldingay (SPCK, 1994).
  • ‘The Trinity Today: Opportunities and Challenges for Liturgical Study’, Study Liturgica 27 (1994), pp. 61-78.
  • ‘The Presence of Christ in the Eucharist in the Formularies of the Church of England’, Journal of Ecumenical Study 35 (1999), pp. 197-208.
  • Various articles in Common Worship Today, edited by Mark Earey and Gilly Myers (Harper Collins, 2001).
  • ‘New Awakenings’ in Voices of Our Calling, edited by Christina Rees (Canterbury Press-SCM, 2002).
  • ‘Windows of Grace and Truth : Envisaging Anglican-Evangelical Methodology through the Iconography of a Chapel’, Theology 106 (2003), pp. 80-89.
  • ‘The Charismatic Movement’ and ‘The Holy Spirit’ in Philip Sheldrake, editor, The New SCM Dictionary of Christian Spirituality (SCM, 2005).
  • ‘Holding Together: Catholic Evangelical Worship in the Spirit’, Anvil 22 (2004), 5-16 (see also a revised version of the article with the same title in Andrew Walker and Luke Bretherton, Remembering our Future: Explorations in Deep Church (Paternoster, 2007).
  • ‘Liturgy and the Spirit’ in Gudstjenestefornyelse: og menighetsutvikling, edited by Thor Hesselberg (Luther Forlag, 2007), pp. 54-61.
  • ‘Liturgy and Context’ in Gudstjenestefornyelse: og menighetsutvikling, edited by Thor Hesselberg (Luther Forlag, 2007), pp. 71-79.
  • ‘Introduction’ to Colin Buchanan: An Evangelical Among Anglican Liturgist (London: SPCK, 2009), pp. xiii-xxvi.
  • ‘The 2009 Constantinople Lecture: The Place of the Church of England in, and its contribution to, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church’, Koinonia 57 (2010), pp. 22-35.
  • ‘Authentic Church’ in The Faith of Generation Y, Sylvia Collins-Mayo, Bob Mayo, Sally Nash with Christopher Cocksworth, (Church House Publishing, 2010), pp. 121-136.
  • ‘The MSF 75th Anniversary Commemorative Lecture: Evangelical and Catholic in the Twenty-First Century’, Methodist Sacramental Fellowship Bulletin 138 (2011), pp. 11-23.
  • ‘Evangelical Mary’ in Mary in Pilgrimage, edited by Peter Marr (Ecumenical Marian Pilgrimage Trust, 2011) pp. 23-37.
  • ‘Evangelical Mary’ in Conversations at the Edges of Things, eds. James T. Butler and Francis W. Bridger (Pickwick Publications, Wipf and Stock, 2012/13), pp. 67-75.
  • ‘Epilogue: ‘Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace…for mine eyes have seen thy salvation’’, Journal of Observational Pain Medicine 1 (2012), pp. 89-93.
  • ‘Passiontide to Holy Week’, Reflections for Daily Prayer: Advent 2013 to Christ the King 2014 (BRF, 2013), pp. 116-127.
  • ‘War and Peace’, in The House Magazine, November (2014) p.53.
  • Contributor to Reflections on the Psalms (CHP, 2015).
  • 'Learning the Church: ecclesiological thought and ecclesiological practice', International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church 15 (2015), pp.73-88.
  • With Julie Gittoes, 'Richard Hooker on Scripture, Tradition and Reason: Responding to Disagreement' in Supporting Papers for the Faith and Order Commission Report, Communion and Disagreement (Archbishop's Council, 2016), pp.29-45.
  • Reflections for Daily Prayer: Advent 2017 to Christ The King 2018 (CHP 2017), pp.10-21.


  • Evangelical Eucharistic Thought in the Church of England (CUP, 1993).
  • With Alan Wilkinson, An Anglican Companion (CHP/SPCK, 1996 and Second Edition, 2002).
  • Holy, Holy, Holy: Worshipping the Trinitarian God (DLT, 1997).
  • With Rosalind Brown, Being a Priest Today (Canterbury Press-SCM, 2004 and Second Edition, 2006).
  • Holding Together: Gospel, Church and Spirit – the essentials of Christian identity (Canterbury Press-SCM, 2008).
  • Seeing Jesus and Being Seen by Him (SPCK, 2014).

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